Cllr T. Afrika


Ward 4

Cllr Michael Setlhogomi


Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC)

Cllr N. Pieters

PR Councillor

Ward 1

Cllr S. khosa

PR Councillor

Ward 2

Cllr W. Harmse

PR Councillor

Ward 5

Cllr T. Diloke

PR Councillor

Ward 6

Cllr E. Meyer

PR Councillor

Ward 8

Cllr M. Mohale

PR Councillor

Ward 9

Cllr S. Mokgobo

PR Councillor

Ward 10

Cllr L. Jankie

PR Councillor

Cllr A. Le Roux

PR Councillor

Cllr E. Davies

PR Councillor

Cllr G. Halter

PR Councillor

Cllr N Pitso

PR Councillor

Cllr M Setlhogomi

PR Councillor

About the MMC

The Mayoral Committee is the Executive wing of the institution chaired by the Executive Mayor. In terms of Chapter 3 of the Local Government Municipal Structures Act of 1998, if a municipal council has more than nine members, the Executive Mayor appoints a Mayoral Committee from among the councillors to assist them and may:

  • delegate specific responsibilities to each member of the committee;
  • may delegate any of the Executive Mayor’s powers to the respective members; and
  • may dismiss a member of the Mayoral Committee.

The Mayoral Committee must consist of the deputy executive mayor (if any) and as many councillors as may be necessary for effective and efficient government provided that no more than 20 per cent of the councillors or 10 councillors whichever is the least are appointed.

Those of the Executive Mayor’s powers and functions as may be designated by the Municipal Council. must be exercised and performed by the Executive Mayor together with the other members of the mayoral committee. The members of a Mayoral Committee remain in office subject to subsection (5) and section 26, for the term of the Executive Mayor who appointed them. If the Executive Mayor vacates office, the Mayoral Committee appointed by that Executive Mayor dissolves.

Committees to assist Executive Committee or Executive Mayor
The above mentioned Act states that if a Municipal Council has an Executive Committee or Executive Mayor, it may appoint in terms of section 79, committees of councillors to assist the Executive Committee or Executive Mayor. Such Committees may not in number exceed the number of members of the Executive Committee or Mayoral Committee.

The Executive Committee or Executive Mayor:
Appoints a chairperson for each committee from the executive committee or mayoral committee:

  • may delegate any powers and duties of the executive committee or executive mayor to the committee;
  • is not divested of the responsibility concerning the exercise of the power or the performance of the duty; and
  • may vary or revoke any decision taken by a committee. subject to any vested rights;
  • such a committee must report to the Executive Committee or executive mayor in accordance with the directions of the Executive Committee or Executive Mayor.